2011 Minnesota Association for Court Management (MACM) Awards

Congratulations to Jane Morrow who was selected as the recipient of the 2011 Distinguished Service Award

Vicky Carlson presented the Distinguished Service Award to Jane Morrow

It all began so innocently. A young woman, "wet behind the ears" but brimming with enthusiasm and energy, was hired by Hennepin County in 1972. At that time no one suspected what a powerful influence she would become and how she would help shape the courts of today. In 1977 she moved on to work for State Court Administration as a SJIS trainer, helping to move us from pen and paper into the age of computers.

In 1981, at the ripe age of 30, she applied for a position as court administrator for one of the largest courts in Minnesota. On her way to the courthouse to interview for the position, her car broke down. But she was not one to let a malfunctioning vehicle stop her. Utilizing her ingenuity, her creativity, and her …um, thumb, she hitchhiked to the courthouse and to her interview. Of course, she was given the position and the rest is history. She has earned the respect of her Bench, her colleagues and her staff over thirty years of dedicated service to the County, the State, and the Judiciary!

She has been a staunch advocate for the profession of court administration and for her colleagues throughout her career. Her passion for the law and belief in our judicial system has been reflected in her work. When she believes something to be true, she has never backed down from taking a controversial stand. She has often questioned how many of us have read and actually contemplated the meaning of the short but powerful Article 6 of the Constitution of the Great State of Minnesota. So it is copied and included here because it is the basis for what she and all of us are sworn to uphold … and so we can finally tell her, yes, we have read it!

She has an extraordinary ability to teach and that talent was tapped for district-wide training, new employee orientations, and records access training. Her comfortable and entertaining presentation style ensured the trainees would retain the experience. She is an invaluable resource to her fellow court administrators. She has encountered a variety of unique situations due to the size of her county and often shares that information "in the event it should ever happen to us".

She has served on virtually every MACM, county, district, and state committee that exists or has existed. Attached is a sampling of committees and activities to which she has contributed her time and her talents. As noted by one of her colleagues at State Court Administration: "She has always been willing to share her experience and perspective on court administrative issues with her colleagues on a district, state and national level, and in doing so has contributed to the development of numerous court standards, policies and rules." In addition, she has organized and participated in numerous charitable causes such as raking leaves for the elderly and collecting toys for disadvantaged children at holiday time.

Her sense of humor and self effacing nature make her a joy to know and to work with. A new person will be hired to take her place in our organization but no one will ever take her place in our minds and in our hearts.

Susan Love receives the 2011 Community and Association Award

Vicky Carlson presented the Community and Association Award to Susan Love

Susan has shown exemplary service to the MACM organization. Susan goes above and beyond. She is the current president of MACM and hands down continually promotes the organization. She truly believes in the purpose of MACM, which is committed to the enrichment of its members through professional growth and development opportunities and the networking opportunities it provides to improve the Justice System in Minnesota.

Susan has served in many different capacities over the years in the MACM organization. Aside from serving as president for two consecutive terms, Susan has: served as education chair, compiles the MACM newsletter into a newspaper worthy newsletter, worked tirelessly to promote the mentoring concept and its implementation and is constantly coming up with new ideas to advance MACM. If that wasn't enough, Susan has also taught courses for MACM over the years. Susan's volunteer work for the Minnesota Association for Court Management has made the association stronger and she should receive recognition and thanks for all of her time and efforts put into the association.

Susan gives 100% in all the work she does. She is always willing to share successes from Hennepin County with the MACM organization. Again, she continually looks to improve the judicial system and the court management profession. She is approachable, persuasive and looks for the good in any situation. She should receive the Distinguished Service Award because of her amazing service to MACM and the Fourth Judicial District.

Congratulations to Susan Love and Deb Morse who both received an award for Coach/Mentor of the Year!

As part of the ELN committee, our group works closely with Deb Morse, Human Resources Manager, and Susan Love, Education & Organization Development Manager. This year will be the third cohort that Deb and Susan have facilitated. Susan and Deb have demonstrated the qualities, drive, and knowledge that is necessary to be an excellent coach/mentor/teacher. Through the ELN program, we have had the opportunity to experience their positive, encouraging leadership skills and they have continuously shown us the dedication, self-confidence, and awareness that is needed to be a leader within the 4th Judicial District. The ELN group consists of clerks and staff from numerous divisions and departments within District Court. The advice and support of Deb and Susan has had a variety of effects on all the departments within the organization.

Both, Deb and Susan have admirable mentoring/coaching skills and have helped develop many individuals within our group to possess the necessary skills, confidence, and knowledge to become coaches and mentors themselves. For example, they not only are able to pass on their familiarity of the subject matter being taught within ELN, but they are also able to teach how to implement these skills within the workplace and within every aspect of our lives. By increasing awareness of leadership skills and honing in on unique characteristics in each individual, they are able to guide each individual on an exclusive path within their careers and help each person to make themselves valuable and irreplaceable. This committee also aims at helping individuals to become leaders in their future roles within the courts and their careers, but more so, aims in helping people to become better leaders in their personal lives as well.

Susan and Deb are caring individuals who take careful consideration and regard to helping the people around them, including the court staff that is participating in ELN. They strive to help people become the best person they can be and help them to develop unique skills as well as acquire new talents. We believe these two individuals have earned this award for the impact they have on the entire 4th Judicial District Staff, the mentor/mentee's, and the outlying community within Hennepin County.

Congratulations to Susan Love and Deb Morse!