2023 Minnesota Association for Court Management (MACM) Awards

The Minnesota Association for Court Management announced the recipients of its 2023 awards at its annual conference in September.

Congratulations to our 2023 MACM Award Recipients, Lindsay Listul (Eighth District) - Early Career Excellence, Katie Bloch (Eighth District) - Champion of Change, Jonathan Harms (Fourth District) - Coach/Mentor of the Year (**Aly Yang accepted on his behalf), Lori Hunstad (First District) - Lifetime Achievement, and Kelly Iverson (Fifth District) - Distinguished Service! Congrats to each of our five award recipients!

Early Career Excellence Award - Lindsay Listul

Multi-County Court Administrator, Eighth Judicial District

Lindsay Listul, Multi-County Court Administrator in the Eighth Judicial District, received the 2023 Early Ca- reer Excellence Award. The award recognizes a person who demonstrates achievement in the courts by ob- taining a high level of knowledge in a short amount of time, is a quick learner, and a valuable resource to others. The recipient is dependable and consistent while working to achieve success in their local court, dis- trict, or for the Judicial Branch and demonstrates outstanding leadership by considering stakeholders when making decisions.

Listul, after only three years as a court operations associate, was appointed as the multi-county court admin- istrator in 2021, mid-pandemic. In less than two years she has become a seasoned and effective court ad- ministrator. Three of four of her counties are two-staff-person offices. With careful planning, ingenuity, and dedication to promoting a quality court workplace environment, she was able to offer a hybrid work oppor- tunity to all her staff. She has established an inclusive and open atmosphere in her counties and communi- cates frequently both with the Bench and with her employees. Listul came into this position with no prior management experience, and she has excelled as a manager. She has been with the Branch since 2017 and a Court Administrator since 2021.

Champion of Change Award - Katie Bloch

Multi-County Court Administrator, Eighth Judicial District

Katie Bloch, Multi-County Court Administrator in the Eighth Judicial District, was honored as the 2023 Champion of Change. The recipient of this award fosters collaboration to promote innovation by embracing opportunities to utilize technology and other resources to increase efficiencies and productivity in the work- place.

Bloch is a true champion of change. She shares her vision and passion for projects with staff, the bench, col- leagues, and justice partners. She prioritizes communication, collaboration, and transparency which lends her well when leading a change initiative. When change is anticipated, she considers the impact the change has on various individuals and agencies and then communicates early and often. She explains the vision, out- lines the steps to implement the change, collects input, listens to concerns, explains processes, and answers questions. Once the change is put into place, she follows up with everyone and solicits feedback. Bloch has worked for the Branch since 2007.

Distinguished Service Award - Kelly Iverson

Multi-County Court Administrator, Fifth Judicial District

Kelly Iverson, Court Administrator in the Fifth Judicial District, received the 2023 Distinguished Service Award. The award recognizes individuals who have a record of outstanding service to the community and the courts and demonstrates leadership by improving the administration of justice and delivery of public ser- vice through the application of modern management techniques.

Iverson is a passionate, dedicated leader whose knowledge and experience are valued and sought after within her district and across the state. She makes collaboration a core part of her role and always keeps what is best for the entire Fifth Judicial District at the forefront of her work. In addition to her role as Court Administrator, she has served on various state and district teams focused on improving the customer experi- ence, enhancing the court’s operations and financial oversight, improving the quality of data, and supporting staff training and skills development. Her career with the courts spans decades and is one of progressively responsible leadership, a commitment to excellence in customer service, and a dedication to accuracy in the court record. She has left an indelible leadership footprint and a legacy that will carry on in those that she has mentored, coached, and shaped. Iverson was hired as a Senior Court Clerk in 1989.

Lifetime Achievement Award - Lori Hunstad

Court Administrator, First Judicial District

Lori Hunstad, Court Administrator for the First Judicial District, received the 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award. The award honors a recipient’s many contributions to the court management profession and their years of service to the Judicial Branch.

Hunstad was recognized for her dedication to the Judicial Branch and the citizens of Minnesota. She is an exceptional employee and manager. Combining that with her years of service to the Branch, she is the epito- me of a Lifetime Achievement award recipient. She has demonstrated forward-thinking leadership, mean- ingful mentorship, unwavering dedication, and optimistic encouragement to everyone she encounters. She leads with confidence, sincerity, and integrity through days of controlled chaos. She holds her team to a high standard yet is respected for her fairness. She is a leader in change and encourages her entire team to innovate and adapt to our ever-changing environment.

In her tenure with the Minnesota Judicial Branch, she has exemplified what relationship building looks like. She has built many long-lasting, respectful, and meaningful relationships with co-workers, Judge teams, and Justice Partners. The business relationships she has built with the Dakota Juvenile and Criminal Justice part- ners have had a significant impact on successful collaborative operations during her career. Hunstad has worked for the Branch for 44 years.

Coach/Mentor of the Year Award - Jonathan Harms

Court Operations Manager, Fourth Judicial District

** Not pictured in photo above, Jonathan Harms, 2023 Coach/Mentor of the year

Jonathan Harms, Court Operations Manager for the Fourth Judicial District, was awarded the 2023 Coach/Mentor of the Year award. The award recognizes an individual who fosters trust while encouraging others to achieve their goals without thought of reciprocation. The recipient of the award shares their skills and knowledge with others and provides excellent coaching in the ongoing development and enrichment of others.

Harms encourages people around him to work harder, trust in themselves, and strive for more. Tapping on their strengths and developing and improving upon their weaknesses. He empowers his team and his leaders to be their best selves, encouraging others to achieve their goals. He is someone who has inspired and encouraged others to strive for more; he is someone whom people look up to as a role model and coach. He enhances people around him by being a trusted adviser, promoting an open work environment, and coaching in leadership development and problem-solving. **Not pictured in photo above, Jonathan He sets high standards for success and realistic expectations. He is passionate Harms, 2023 Coach/Mentor of the year about helping others achieve their goals by serving as a mentor in both professional and personal lives. Jonathan has served the Branch for 30 years.