About MACM

This Association is organized and shall be operated exclusively for the purpose of promoting and improving the common professional interests and working conditions of its members by providing assistance and support for the accumulation and dissemination of information, and for education relating to the advancement of court management in our respective counties, judicial districts and the State of Minnesota. All powers of the Association shall be exercised so that its operation lies exclusively within the contemplation of both Section 501 (c) (6) of the Internal Revenue Code, as now enacted or as hereafter amended, and of Section 290.05 of the Statutes of the State of Minnesota, as now enacted or as hereafter amended.

This Association strives to achieve this general objective and enhance the proficiency of court managers by:

  • Improving the administration of justice through the application of modern management techniques.
  • Promoting active participation in the legislative and rule making processes.
  • Acting as a forum for problem solving and for sharing knowledge, information and experience among the members of the Association.
  • Encouraging fellowship, networking and a sense of unity through participation in MACM activities.
  • Working with the Judicial Council, Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, State Court Administration (SCAO), judicial districts, counties and other committees, workgroups and organizations for the provision to provide effective court management in Minnesota.

MACM Presidents

1925-26 J. P. Johnson

1927-28 Theo A. E. Nelson

1929-30 Joe Witt

1931-32 Joseph Page

1933-34 Carl Eckdall

1935-36 Wally Mallgren

1937-38 S. C. Goff

1939-40 Ernest A. Jensen

1941-42 Carl Witt

1943-44 Joseph Page/Grover Beatty

1946-47 Joseph Page

1948-49 Reuben Peterson

1950-51 Paul Belau

1952-53 Stanley Ross

1954-55 Edwy Dibble

1956-57 E. C. Hull

1958-59 Otto Johnson

1960-61 Glen Agre

1962-63 Paul Belau

1964-65 Raymond Nilsson

1966-67 Douglas Johnson

1968-69 Robert Busse

1970-71 Ruth Eppeland

1972-73 Gerald Nelson

1974-75 Gerald Nelson

1976-77 Milton Johnson

1978-79 David E. Meyer

1980-81 Merle Schultz

1982-83 Richard Fasnacht

1984-85 Joe Lasky

1986-87 Bruce Ahlgren

1988-89 Lee Smith/Marie Sunlitis

1990-91 Paul Maatz/Van Brostrom

1992-93 Van Brostrom

1994-95 Phyllis Handegard

1996-97 Dave Carlson

1998-99 Susan LaBore

2000-01 Larry Anderson

2002-03 Bruce Ahlgren

2004-05 Mike Moriarity

2006-07 Christina Volkers

2008-09 Susan Love

2010-12 Susan Love

2012-14 Vicky Carlson

2014-16 Annette Fritz

2016-18 Aaron Williamson

2018-20 Aaron Williamson



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