District Chairpersons


In addition to calling and presiding at meetings, the district chairperson and the at-large representative shall have the following duties:

  • To serve as a member of the Board of Directors; in the event he/she is unable to attend, the vice-chairperson or at-large alternate may serve
  • To serve as the liaison between the Association officers and the membership
  • To immediately notify the President of the Association as well as other members of the serious illness or death of any member, and the appointment of any new member
  • To visit with new members within one month after the start of their membership for the purpose of acquainting them with the organization and the policies of the Association, and to make himself/herself available for further information, advice and assistance by letter, phone or visit


MACM District Chairs

Chris Channing

District: 1st

Gwen Upton

District: 2nd

Darlene Larson

District: 3rd

DeAnn Hallberg

District: 4th

Vicky Driscoll

District: 5th

Susan Roerig

District: 6th

Cheryl Woehler

District: 7th

Susan Stahl

District: 8th

Sean Jones

District: 9th

Krista Anderson

District: 10th

AnnMarie O’Neill