Legislative & Outreach Committee

The committee is charged with the duty of being actively involved in legislative and rule-making processes, advising the Executive Board as to policy options and their implications; proposing and monitoring legislation; and recommending rules and proposed actions that could affect the courts. The committee is also charged with representing MACM in legislative and rulemaking activities of other groups, such as the State Legislative Strategy Team and the Legislative Advisory Workgroup. The Legislative & Outreach Committee is also very active in promoting legislative outreach among the MACM membership. This is a collaborative effort with the bench and state court administration in order to educate and foster a relationship between the judicial and legislative branches of government.
Ann Basta, Committee Chair


2016-2018 Members

Ann Basta

Committee Chair

Connie Belgard

District: 5th

Ken Bergstrom

District: 4th

Christopher Channing

District: 3rd

Annette Fritz

District: 10th
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Allison Holbrook

District: 4th

Hans Holland

District: 3rd

George Lock

District: 8th

Janet Marshall

SCAO, Intergovernmental Liaison

Monica Miller

District: 4th

Carol Renn

District: 1st

Julie Welt

District: 3rd

Aaron Williamson

District: 4th
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